Branding Campaign: Measurables

For this project, my team and I paired up with students in an Industrial Design class and branded their products. Our product was a multi-functional dishware that can both be eaten out of, as well as measured out of. I, along with three others worked together to think of the basics of the brand such as the logo, advertisements, tag line, data sheet, and all around branding for this product. 

Our product is called Measurables and the tag line is Functional Minimalism. We pulled together information on our target market and decided that the branding for this product should be an easy to use, yet fashionable product that encourages people to cook.

This branding campaign provided experience on how to lead and how to work functionally within a group. Working together as a team is difficult when there are multiple creatives trying to achieve the same brand. Our group pulled through to meet deadlines and create a successful branding for our product.